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As specialists in energy upgrades, Phoenix Roofing & Solar is on a mission to help the Bay Area suburbs burn less and save more.

Energy Upgrade Specialists

In The Bay Area Suburbs

With some of the nation’s highest energy bills in the country, the Bay Area needs energy-saving, and money-saving solutions. That is why Phoenix Roofing & Solar has provided total home energy upgrades to the area for more than 3 generations. With a passion for solar, in-depth knowledge of factory-certified roofing solutions, and a commitment to energy efficiency, our specialists have the key to lower electric bills for your Bay Area suburban home.

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    Partners & Certifications

    Phoenix Construction Group is a Master Elite GAF factory-certified roofing contractor.

    About Us

    3 Generations Of Energy Upgrades

    As a family-owned and operated provider of total home energy upgrades, Phoenix Roofing and Solar has provided households in Bay Area suburbs with energy upgrade, solar, and roofing solutions for 100 years. With a passion for helping homeowners burn less money, and save more energy, we offer high-quality, flexibly-financed solutions that fit any North California home or budget. For us, self-sufficiency isn’t just a dream – It is achievable for any homeowner who wants it.

    Our Services

    Hassle-Free Energy Solutions

    Our home upgrades and energy solutions achieve two goals for our clients: Lasting and energy-reducing self-sufficiency and affordability for any budget. By saving clients hassle and headaches, we put energy independence at their fingertips.

    Energy Upgrades in the Bay Area

    For those who want to gain greater control of their utility bill, we also offer energy-efficient attic insulation, high-efficiency windows, and low-consumption HVAC systems. This helps reduce overall home consumption while also increasing home value.

    Roofing In the Bay Area

    With three generations of roofers in the family, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional work every time. After conducting a free estimate to determine your damage, we provide roof repairs on tiles or shingle roofs or complete roof replacements. We can also complete roofing projects in combination with the installation of our solar systems.

    Solar In Bay Area Suburbs

    If you want to offset your utility bill or ensure you can keep the heat on in a power cut, our solar solutions can help you save at least $100 a month. We assess your solar needs and propose systems that are 125% larger than your current usage, so you can produce your own power. Then, we do professional installation – the way only experienced contractors can.

    luxurious house
    luxurious house

    Affordable For Everyone

    Home Improvement Financing

    Reducing consumption shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg. Our financing options help
    make energy solutions more accessible with interests rates as low as 5.99%. We also offer a 3% discount to First Responders on full roofing, solar, windows or HVAC projects.



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