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As your local, certified roofing contractor, Phoenix Roofing & Solar is making homes more energy efficient in California.


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Exceptional Roofing

With three generations of roofers in the family, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional work every time. After conducting a free estimate to determine your damage, we provide roof repairs on tiles or shingle roofs or complete roof replacements. We can also complete roofing projects in combination with the installation of our solar systems. If you’re looking for an efficient, trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor to handle your projects, then you are at the right place.

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Generations of Experience

When your home needs roof repairs or replacements, our professionals are ready to help you with a hands-on and experienced approach

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Roof Replacements

Roof replacement is about so much more than just shingles. It is a complete system of custom accessories such as new age synthetic underlayment, venting options so your attic space can breathe, and properly sized flashings. Let us use our passion for energy-efficient solutions to drive a roof replacement project defined by an unswerving commitment to excellent customer service and a commitment to superior, skilled and comprehensive services.

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Roof Repairs

Our certified professionals can inspect your roof to help determine the cause of any roof problems you are experiencing. Whether you are dealing with deteriorating shingles, weather damage, or leaks, we will recommend a repair approach that delivers a strong and reliable roof that will last for many years.

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a happy looking family

Affordable For Everyone

Roof Project Financing

Reducing consumption shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our financing options help make roofing solutions more accessible with low interest rates, a number of payment period options available, and a 3% discount for First Responders on full roofing, solar, windows or HVAC projects.

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Roofing 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of having Phoenix Roofing & Solar work on your roofing project? Below are some the most frequently asked questions that we get from our customers. If you have additional questions or can’t find the information you need, please contact us.

General Questions

  • Why Do You Recommend the Removal of My Old Roof?
    Removing the old roof before putting on the new one is an important step for two reasons. First, it gives us the opportunity to check for underlying damage or wood rot. Second, it gives your roof a cleaner, flatter look that is much more appealing.
  • What is Dry Rot?
    Dry rot is a form of wood decay caused by a fungus. It can affect the underlying structure of your roof that is typically made of wood. This is a potentially very destructive condition that requires immediate attention from an experienced roofer.
  • Do You Repair Dry Rot?
    Yes, Phoenix Roofing & Solar is equipped to repair dry rot in your roof. If the rot has extended too far into the infrastructure of the roof, we may recommend a full replacement instead.
  • Should I Inspect My Roof for Dry Rot?
    Typically, you do not pull up the roofing shingles to check for dry rot. However, an experienced roofer can identify early signs of dry rot and repair the problem before it becomes severe enough to require the complete replacement of your roof.
  • Is Dry Rot Visible From the Attic?
    Yes, dry rot can be visible from the attic. Look for bowing wood, cracks in the roof rafters, dark spots and white streaks that indicate the spread of the fungus.
  • What is a Dry Rot Inspection?
    A dry rot inspection involves the examination of your home and roof for areas where the rotting fungus may be spreading. Phoenix Roofing & Solar can help conduct an inspection of your roof, using our experts who are trained to spot even the earliest sign of this problem taking hold in your home.

Roof Sheathing

  • What is Spaced Sheathing?
    Spaced sheathing refers to sheets of plywood nailed to the rafters of the home with spaces in between each sheet.This structure works well for wood shakes, because it allows for moisture to dry, but is not sturdy enough to support other types of roofs.
  • What is Solid Sheathing?
    Solid sheathing refers to the placement of plywood underneath the roof without leaving gaps that could allow in air or moisture. This structure works well for most types of roofing materials, such as asphalt.
  • What is a Nailing Inspection?
    A nailing inspection involves examining the sheathing, spacing, nail size and other particulars of the plywood infrastructure before the new roof is installed.

Roofing Underlayments

  • Should We Use Synthetic Roofing Felt?
    Synthetic roofing felt can cost more but it should last you longer than traditional materials. It may also offer you greater protection against water damage.
  • What is Roofing Felt?
    Roofing felt is material consisting of a base and a protective coating that is installed between the roof deck (plywood) and shingles.

Roof Penetrations, Flashings, etc…

Composition Shingles

    Composition shingles, also known as asphalt shingles, are made from multiple materials. Typically, fiberglass or cellulose forms the base, and asphalt and other materials form the top of the shingle. These shingles tend to be durable and waterproof and therefore make a good choice for many homeowners.
  • What Should I Do If I Have Missing Shingles?
    If you notice shingles missing from your roof, contact an experienced roofer right away to have your roof inspected and repaired. You may not need a whole new roof, but you should repair the missing pieces in order to ensure complete water and weather protection for your home.
  • What If I Have Shingles That Are Missing Some Granular?
    If you notice that some of your shingles are missing the shiny granular coating on the top, you should contact an experienced roofer. They can help inspect and repair your roof, including replacing the missing granular.