About us

As specialists in energy upgrades with a passion for solar, Phoenix Roofing & Solar is on a mission to help you reduce consumption and produce energy.


About Us

Energy Upgrades For Every Home

Phoenix Roofing & Solar is a family-owned and operated provider of total home energy upgrades. With a passion for solar, factory-certified roofing contractors, and a proven track record in the local community, we’ve been helping homes in North California become more energy independent for three generations.

Our high-quality, flexibly-financed solutions include a variety of energy upgrade, solar, and roofing solutions designed to help homeowners burn less money, and save more energy. With an unwavering commitment to making self-sufficiency achievable, we value transparency, quality, and simplicity, and work with homeowners to identify the solutions that will best fit their home and energy consumption goals.

Mission & Vision

Quality solutions

Phoenix Roofing & Solar is on a mission to help homeowners in California achieve their goals of self-sufficiency, energy-reduction, and utility bill control. We believe that no one should have to struggle with rapidly growing energy bills, complicated solutions, or inferior energy solutions. That is why we leverage the expertise we have developed over three generations to provide the longest-lasting products on the market, backed by the best warranties and the most skilled professional installation for total peace of mind.

Why Phoenix Roofing & Solar

Why Hire Us?

Choose Phoenix Construction as your go-to for the assistance you need to achieve self sufficiency and affordability in your own home.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are as dedicated to our clients and community as we are to delivering energy solutions that work. That is why we strive to do more than make a sale – We endeavor to create lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust and service. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, from the first phone call through the life of our upgrades, we provide support, understanding and expertise for each of our clients.

Quality Workmanship and Materials

There is a reason we offer some of the longest warranties on the market – Because we deliver the leading products and workmanship in California. From staying on top of the most recent industry changes and trends, to offering the most respected products on the market, to hiring profoundly skilled and vetted installers, we guarantee quality and promise results.

Financial Flexibility

No one should pay an arm and a leg to become self-sufficient. That is why we help clients get out from under excessive utility bills with a variety of financial solutions. From flexible payment plans to bundling your costs into one monthly payment, we help put energy-efficiency within your financial reach.

Total Energy Upgrades

Whether you want to install a more efficient HVAC system or replace your entire roof, we offer a suite of solutions for you to consider. Plus, we can easily combine solutions, such as roofing and solar, to help you reach your individual energy-saving, bill-reducing goals.