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Improve your home’s energy efficiency and appearance with Phoenix Construction’s window installation services in Stockton & Pleasanton, CA.


a family having a dinner together
a family having a dinner together

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Not all windows are created equal. Regular windows are responsible for up to 30 percent of the energy lost from your home. Stopping the flow of energy out of your windows can stop the loss of money from your budget. That is why we offer high-efficiency windows to secure your home against energy loss and reduce your overall monthly utility expenses.

Efficient windows boast extra layers of insulation to block the loss of hot and cold air from your home. Because we invest in only the highest quality windows and expert nstallation, you can rely on these windows to help you eliminate the stress of paying your utility bill while consuming less energy.

HVAC system materials
hvac system materials

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Our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service begins with the quality of the solutions we offer you. We choose only the best materials to ensure that your windows protect your home against energy loss, for a fraction of the cost in electricity bills. We invest in windows that work for your home. We offer some of the best warranties in the industry, and our expertise is matched only by the quality of the solutions we make available to you.

In addition, quality materials and products are installed with our combined expertise of more than 100 years. That means that every step of the process, from choosing the right windows to installing them in your home, is accomplished in a way that guarantees energy savings for years to come.

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Adding efficient windows to your home is good for your budget and good for the environment. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider this upgrade.

Lower Bills

Save up to 12 percent on your utility bills and overcome money-consuming costs.

Home Value

Energy efficient windows can add value that, in some cases, is close to your investment.

Discounts and Credits

Sometimes, you can earn tax credits or discounts for installing energy-efficient windows.


With energy-efficient windows, you can more easily maintain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient windows reduce the amount of energy you use, creating a lower environmental impact.

a beautiful looking house
a beautiful looking house

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Three Generations of Experience

Our family has been in this business for three generations and has more than 100 years of combined experience. We leverage this expertise to take a hands-on approach to every project and to ensure the successful completion of the window upgrades you desire for your home.