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Verisco TPO Roof Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing System

  • TPO membrane with Apeel™ protective film features and benefits:
  • Tough protective film helps prevent scuffs and scratches on TPO membrane during the construction process.
  • Eliminates the need to clean the roof after installation.
  • Durable heat- and UV-resistant film will not splinter during removal.
  • Perfect adhesion level keeps the film in place until you remove it.
  • Film is easily removed by one person due to its manageable 5-foot-wide size
  • Gray color helps the surface dry quickly and cuts down on glare.

Protect your roof with strong, durable, TPO roof systems that meet our high standards and deliver some of the best value for your home.



As the industry leader in TPO membrane production and sales, Versico prides itself on a tradition of continuous innovation. With the introduction of VersiWeld TPO membrane with APEEL Protective Film, Versico continues to shape the evolution of the commercial roofing industry through the development of world-class products.

Versico’s patented APEEL Protective Film guards the surface of TPO membrane from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation, eliminating the need to clean the roof once the project is complete. Durable and easy to remove, APEEL Protective Film helps save time and labor, improves aesthetics and increases customer satisfaction.

VersiWeld TPO membrane with APEEL Protective Film is ideal for re roofing, re-cover, and new construction projects.

Verisco TPO Roof Systems


Building owners and specifiers often select white TPO membrane because of its reflective, energy-saving properties. However, due to typical foot traffic and construction debris, white TPO can get dirty and scuffed during installation. APEEL Protective Film protects the surface of the TPO membrane, keeping it white, reflective, and un-scuffed until the installation is complete.



APEEL Protective Film is designed to withstand the most intense heat and UV exposure without deteriorating. Versico’s VersiWeld with APEEL Protective Film comes with a stress-free removal assurance stating that the APEEL Protective Film will not splinter during removal for a period of 90 days after installation.

Verisco TPO Roof Systems

Easily Removable

APEEL Protective Film will stay in place until you are ready to take it off, at which time the 5-foot-wide strips are easily removed by a single person. Ideal adhesion levels allow the film to stay in place for months, resisting the effects of heat, UV exposure, rain, and wind. Once the film is removed, no residue remains on the TPO sheet, providing the building owner with a clean, white, reflective roof that will continue to resist dirt pick-up long after installation.


Glare and Dries Quickly

The cool gray color of APEEL Protective Film reduces the glare that can make white TPO challenging to install on a sunny day. TPO membrane can become slippery when wet, especially in the morning when dew is present, but APEEL’s gray color helps moisture dry faster, thus providing a dry surface more quickly.

Verisco TPO Roof Systems

Time and Labor Savings

It is becoming common practice for building owners to request that their new TPO roof be cleaned before they pay for it. Today, roof cleaning is actually included in the specs for some national chain stores. The cost to pressure wash a TPO roof is typically between 15 and 75 cents per square foot, but with Versico VersiWeld TPO with APEEL Protective Film, there is no need to clean the roof after installation; simply remove the film, and the roof is ready for final inspection.