giving back

Our commitment to our community and our clients goes beyond making a sale. That is why we are giving back in ways that support the environment and our mission.

Partners With

One Tree Planted

Our goal as a company is to give our customers the best value possible while improving our environment for future generations. We excel at this mission by promoting cool roofing, sun-powered solar systems, insulation and ventilation products. All of these items are designed to make the heating and cooling of your home much more efficient and allow you to leave a much smaller carbon footprint than the average homeowner.

As a small token of our appreciation, we have pledged to plant 5 trees in California on behalf of our energy upgrade customers. We partnered with One Tree Planted to carry out this mission. We are aware that recent wildfires have devastated several locations throughout California, and because our goals align with One Tree Planted, we have decided to donate to this organization. Please keep an eye on your email for a personalized tree certificate. Visit their website to learn more.

Partner With Us

Support The Environment

Want to join Phoenix Construction Group in protecting the environment and taking care of our community? Here are some ideas!

Gift a Tree

Join us in partnering with One Tree Planted by gifting your own tree through them!


Give your time and/or money to another environmentally-conscious organization of your choice!

Choose Energy Upgrades

Lower your home’s carbon footprint with energy upgrades like HVAC, windows, and insulation.

Go Solar

Install solar panels that save you hundreds on your electric bills while using clean energy.